Case Studies

Case Study: Wingman’s Love Journey Takes Flight in Times Square

Client: Wingman App

Industry: Tech/Lifestyle

In a strategic move to spotlight its unique matchmaking approach, Wingman App’s agency of record, Schmooze PR, orchestrated an award-winning PR campaign around a user’s quest for love.

Elissa Buchter, Founder of Schmooze PR, uncovered a heartfelt testimonial by “Wingmom” Beth for her daughter Molly. To accelerate Molly’s search, Schmooze PR and Wingman App secured a Times Square billboard, maximizing visibility.

The activation encouraged potential matches, resulting in hundreds of emails. Molly’s genuine reaction was captured and shared, emphasizing the spontaneity of the campaign. The story gained traction, amplifying brand exposure, driving app downloads, and solidifying Wingman App’s innovative position in the dating landscape. This case study underscores PR’s role in elevating brand visibility and user engagement in the competitive online dating arena.

Case Study: Danny Omari’s Happea’s Ventures into Plant-Based Dining in Miami

Client: Danny Omari’s Restaurant Happea’s

Industry: Food & Beverage/Business

Serial entrepreneur Danny Omari, renowned for Café Bari and Baked by Melissa, launched a new venture, Happea’s, focusing on plant-based cuisine. Danny enlisted the help of Schmooze PR to assist in transitioning from his thriving New York establishments to a plant-based concept in the Miami area.

Schmooze helped Danny establish Happea’s as a leader in plant-based dining, introduce fast-casual and ghost kitchen formats for broader accessibility, leveraged Omari’s self-financing approach for control and sustainability, and connected with diverse age groups seeking healthy yet enticing meals.

The media highlighted his ability to navigate culinary trends, his self-financing approach, and the positive reception of Happea’s in Miami. As the plant-based movement gained momentum, Omari’s venture positioned itself for sustainable growth, and capitalized on the intersection of culinary innovation and market awareness.

Case Study: Turning Challenges into Opportunities in a Changing Business Landscape

Client: Alex & Krissy Mashinksy

Industry: Business/Finance

Alex Mashinksy, a cryptocurrency industry luminary, and Krissy Mashinksy, an entrepreneur driven by community and resilience, enlisted the help of Schmooze PR to assist them in sharing their insights on Biden’s Small-Business Plan with a credible and national media platform.

The Mashinksys were featured in INC., divulging their expert opinions on embracing local manufacturing, accessing government contracts, investing in sustainability, leveraging financial support programs, & building a resilient community.

The Mashinsky media coverage underscores the importance of adaptability. By embracing local initiatives, accessing government support, and fostering community resilience, small businesses can navigate uncertainties and position themselves for sustainable growth.

Case Study: Captain Lee Rosbach’s Transition to ‘Deadly Waters’ on Oxygen

Client: Captain Lee Rosbach

Industry: Business/Lifestyle

Facing Captain Lee Rosbach’s departure from Bravo’s Below Deck post-Season 10, Oxygen, Bravo’s sister network, enlisted the help of Schmooze PR to navigate a strategic transition while maintaining and capitalizing on Captain Lee’s devoted fanbase.

Introducing him as the host of ‘Deadly Waters,’ Schmooze aimed to generate anticipation among Below Deck fans and position Captain Lee as the perfect lead for Oxygen’s strategic launch as a true-crime destination.

A comprehensive PR campaign unfolded, including an exclusive article with Deadline, social media teasers, press releases, and additional media interviews. Results encompassed widespread media coverage, high social media engagement, and a smooth transition, successfully establishing Oxygen in the realm of compelling true-crime narratives.

Case Study: NOY Skincare’s Triumph in Media Recognition

Client: Noy Skincare

Industry: Beauty/Business

Noy Skincare founder Danna Omari enlisted the help of Schmooze PR to showcase her brands prowess, and to raise awareness around her dedication to accessible beauty wellness.

Schmooze secured media features in GOOP, Glamour, Yahoo, E!, Buzzfeed, The Cut, and Stylecaster which significantly expanded Noy Skincare’s visibility, capturing a broader audience interested in effective skincare practices.

The PR strategy focused on showcasing Danna Omari’s expertise, and positioned her as an industry expert in accessible beauty wellness. This approach elevated the brand’s profile and established it as an industry authority.